Dear Customer,

Following are the few steps to avoid fraud during financial transactions, online scams like phishing, vishing etc.
  • Do not use link in an email message to get to any web page. For logging in to PMC Internet Banking always use official website of PMC Bank via
  • Do not share confidential information such as password, customer id, credit/debit card pin, cvv, Bank account details to any email request i.e. phishing, even if the request is from PMC Bank, any Government Bodies or any Card association company. Please remember such authorities never ask for such confidential information.
  • Also do not share such confidential information over phone or through SMS i.e. vishing.
  • Please download any software, application on your PC, laptop only if you trust the source.
  • Do not transfer funds to or share your account details with unknown/ non-validated source luring with commission or attractive offers.
  • PMC Bank has implemented a second level of authentication for Internet banking transactions and Beneficiary addition. A onetime password (OTP for transaction and URN (Unique Registration Number) for beneficiary will be sent to customer via SMS on registered Mobile Number for providing enhanced level of protection.
  • If you find your mobile number inactive, please contact your telecom service provider immediately to understand the reason.
  • In case your telecom service provider confirms release of your number/ sim card to another person, please file a complaint immediately both with the telecom service provider and local law enforcement.
  • Please immediately check your balances and transactions using SMS/ Mobile Banking. Also check your Internet banking account for unusual transactions or beneficiary addition to your account.
  • Ensure that you have installed the latest anti-virus/ anti-spyware/ personal firewall/ security patches on your computer.
  • Do not access Internet banking or make online payments using debit card from shared or unprotected computers in public places.
  • Review account balances and detail transactions regularly (preferably daily) to confirm payment and other transaction data.
  • If you find unauthorized access/ suspicious transaction in your account please inform your branch immediately or mail us on
  • View Internet Banking account history through activity logs available in Internet Banking application.
  • Funds transfer to the beneficiary account through Internet Banking is only based on the Account Number added by the customer as a beneficiary.